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The µATS™ allows single power supply devices in the data center to be connected to redundant A-B power sources. This eliminates one of the primary causes of downtime, human error. Much downtime is caused by people plugging in one too many devices to a branch circuit, causing its circuit breaker to trip.

The Zonit µATS™ is very useful to increase the service level availabilty of common single-power devices such as network distribution switches, firewalls, and other equipment that may be in a mission-critical service path, sometimes unknowingly.

The µATS™ enables much easier maintenance of redundant power systems, since one source can be taken off-line if all single power supply devices are fed via µATS™ units.

Distribution closets with single power supply network switches especially benefit from the Zonit µATS™, because it enables a UPS unit in that closet to be taken off-line for battery testing and maintenance during regular business hours without network service downtime.

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